寒いと犬団子|秋田犬・豆柴 薩摩日登美犬舎
winter morning

Aftermath of a Code Crimson at my hospital the other night. My friend works in the ER and took this photo and sent me the following:
      “Car rolled three times, became on fire. Transported to us for intubation then supposed to be transferred to ________ [higher acuity hospital omitted for HIPPA reasons] but then she coded. She was a mess. Blood everywhere. Bones sticking out of the skin. Adipose tissue out. Depressed frontal skull fracture. Mid forties. She died.”
The aftermath of a life not saved.
Leopoldo Méndez, "Lo que puede venir"(What May Happen) 1945, wood engraving, 17 x 30.4 cm
Barbara Kruger.
Kurt Cobain in Milwaukee, 1993.
Angus McKie UFO
olivia / new york